In The Woods

Not a soul is seen on the empty mountain

Yet voices are heard round about

Sunset light returns to the woods

Slanting again on the moss

~ Translated by Dot, from Wang Wei’s “The Deer Range,” written in the Tang dynasty

空山不見人 但聞人語響 返景入深林 復照青苔上

~ 王維 (唐代) <<鹿柴>>

Close To Heaven

Spending the night at the Summit Temple

Reaching up for the stars on my arms’ level

Speaking in a low voice

Trying not to disturb those in heaven

~ Translated by Dot, from Li Bai’s “At the Summit Temple,” written in the Tang dynasty


~ 李白 (唐代) <<夜宿山寺>>

By The River

Growing on the rim, grasses meditate in the dim

Offering solace from trees above, orioles sing in the deep

Late and rapid, spring flood comes with sudden rain

No one taking the ferry, lonely boat shifts along the riverbank

~ Translated by Dot, from Wei Yingwu’s “By the River to the West of Town,” written in the Tang dynasty

獨憐幽草澗邊生 上有黃鸝深樹鳴 春潮帶雨晚來急 野渡無人舟自橫

~ 韋應物 (唐代) <<滁州西澗>>