Spring flowers and autumn moon, when will such sentiments cease to boom?

All memories of the past, how could I escape

To my little loft last night, the easterly wind blew again

I couldn’t bear to think of the homeland

In such lucent moonlight

The fine mansions are there still

Only the fair faces must have wilted

How much sorrow could you conceal?

Must be as much as the river of spring

Rolling eastward never-ending

~ Translated by Dot, from Li Yu’s “The Royal Beauty,” written in the Tang dynasty

春花秋月何時了 往事知多少 小樓昨夜又東風 故國不堪回首 月明中  

雕欄玉砌應猶在 只是朱颜改 問君能有幾多愁 恰似一江春水 向東流

~ 李煜 (唐代) <<虞美人>>

Bird Chirps At Night

Up the west tower I go, in silence alone

Latching onto a phoenix tree in the courtyard, a half moon shaped like a sickle

And the autumn, a lockup on its own

A tangled thread, an unsortable mess

This parting sorrow, quite unusual

Has a mind of its own, lingering on

~ Translated by Dot, from Li Yu’s “Autumn Sentiments,” written in the Tang dynasty

(Li Yu was the last Emperor of the Tang dynasty, also a great poet.)

無言獨上西樓 月如鉤 寂寞梧桐深院 鎖清秋     

剪不斷 理還亂 是離愁 別是一般滋味 在心頭

~ 李煜 (唐朝最後一位皇帝) <<鳥夜啼 秋懷>>

In The Woods

Not a soul is seen on the empty mountain

Yet voices are heard round about

Sunset light returns to the woods

Slanting again on the moss

~ Translated by Dot, from Wang Wei’s “The Deer Range,” written in the Tang dynasty

空山不見人 但聞人語響 返景入深林 復照青苔上

~ 王維 (唐代) <<鹿柴>>