Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha Buddha, aka Amitayus Buddha, or Amida in Japanese, or Amituofo (阿彌陀佛) in Chinese, is the almighty supreme Buddha presiding over the Land of Ultimate Bliss – the Pure Land (or Sukhavati in Sanskrit). This Pure Land, a peaceful and joyful state of being in the uppermost dimension, has been created by Amitabha Buddha for accommodating all followers of the Buddha to be reborn over there, so as to further facilitate our practice afterlife, helping us to purify all the aggregates of attachment accumulated over countless past lifetimes, and ultimately leading us to enlightenment. From there we may choose to return to this suffering world, and serve as bodhisattvas to help all sentient beings …

Amitabha Buddha is also called ‘The Buddha of Infinite Light and Life’, with Amitabha meaning ‘Boundless Light’ in Sanskrit, while Amitayus meaning ‘Unlimited Life’. At the moment of death, if we call upon the name of Amitabha Buddha (in whichever language you speak or think), Amitabha Buddha will appear and usher us to the Pure Land – that is the solemn promise by Amitabha Buddha, according to Pure Land Buddhism sutras.

It is worth noting that ‘Pure Land’ is not necessarily a destination outside oneself, and that one doesn’t have to wait until after death to meet Amitabha Buddha. The Pure Land can be right here in our Buddha Mind. And Amitabha Buddha is being with us all the time – once we have realized the emptiness of all phenomena and eradicated all mental fabrications and obstructions – desire, greed, fear, anger, hatred, ignorance, delusion, distrust, jealousy, pride – we will recognize the infinite Buddha Light everywhere, and discover a living connection with Amitabha Buddha’s omnipresent wisdom and compassion.