Alongside The River of Spring

A few peach blossoms

going beyond the bamboo grove

The water is warm, and ducks on the River of Spring

must be the first to know.

Lush greens and sprouted reeds, strewn all over the shore

it’s time for pufferfish from the sea

to come home

Geese in pairs eager to elope

so are homecomers from the north

It’s told the deserts are laden with snow storms

Why not spend half a month in the south

alongside the River of Spring in hometown

~ Translated from Su Shi’s “Scenery Alongside The River of Spring,” written in the Song dynasty



~ 蘇軾 <<惠崇春江晚/曉景>>

Su Shi, also known by his art name Su Dongpo, born in 1037 and died in 1101, is regarded as one of the most prominent figures in classical Chinese literature. He was prolific and all-around versatile – a brilliant essayist, lyricist, calligrapher, painter, poet, politician, meditator … all in all an extremely interesting and inspiring character, widely admired by all people in China since the Song dynasty.