No Mind

Letting go of greed, anger, and ignorance

Is identical with following a healthy diet

While purifying the mind, body, and speech

Is to be released from all worldly bias

My pure nature is in harmony

With your selfless state

All things are of single essence

In the no-mind realm

~ Translated by Dot, from Shi De’s original verses written in the Tang dynasty


~ 拾得 (唐代)

Shi De, aka Shih-Te or Pickup, was a monk on Mount Tiantai in the Tang dynasty. Allegedly, as a little boy he was abandoned by his parents and adopted by Feng Gan – a legendary Buddhist poet at the Guoqing Temple on Mt. Tiantai, and ever since he spent most of his life working and practicing at the temple, forming the famous “Tiantai Trio” (天台三聖) with Feng Gan and their mutual friend – Han Shan (Cold Mountain).