Up and About at Night

One night in autumn, right when I was about to go to bed, the moonlight sneaked into the room with an invite, which I accepted with delight.

To share the fun, I went to Cheng Tian Temple and knocked on my friend’s door. He’s not yet asleep either, so we took a walk in the courtyard. The ground was a pool of moonbeams, crisscrossed with the shadows of bamboos and cypresses, swaying like freshwater algae.

Which night doesn’t come with a moon? What place doesn’t have bamboos? Only that nobody else is as leisurely as us to sightsee.

~ Translated by Dot, from Su Shi’s “A Nightout at Cheng Tian Temple,” written in the Song dynasty


~ 蘇軾 (宋代) <<記承天寺夜遊>>