Signs of Verification of Turning Around the Light / 回光证验

There are many signs of verification, but they will not come to people with small minds and small capacities who only work for themselves. One must have a desire to help all beings to reach the other shore. You must not practice with a careless and arrogant attitude; you must take the high ground and work for the liberation of all beings.


When there is uninterrupted continuity in quietude, a sense of joy appears as if one is freshly bathed. This is a sign that yang energy is harmonious throughout the whole body; then the Golden Flower begins to bud. Once the ten-thousand flutes are all silent, and the bright moon is up in mid sky, one feels the whole earth as a world of light and luminosity. This is a sign that the mind is open and present, and the Golden Flower is blooming.


Once the whole body becomes strong and firm, you do not fear wind or frost. When you face situations that make people feel desolate facing them, your vital spirit shines even brighter. This is like a house built of yellow gold with a terrace of white jade. Rotten things in this world become alive instantly with one breath of true energy from me. Red blood becomes milk. The 7-foot physical body is all gold and jewels. This is a sign that the Golden Flower is crystallized.


The first stage of verification corresponds to the signs mentioned in the Amitayurdhyana Sutra (The Contemplation Sutra), which include sunset, great body of water, and trees in rows. Sunset means that through destruction the foundation is set up. Highest good is like water, pure and spotless. It is the ruler of the great polarity, the emperor emerging from the East (the direction of the trigram Zhen 震 ☳). Zhen is symbolized by wood, so the sutra presents it with the image of a row of trees. A sevenfold row of trees represents the light of the seven apertures.


The second stage is built upon this; at this point the whole earth becomes a jewel ground of ice crystals; the light gradually solidifies. Therefore a great terrace arises and then the Buddha appears upon it. When the golden essence appears, what can it be if not the Buddha? For the Buddha is the golden immortal of great enlightenment.


Now there are three signs of verification that can be tested. The first is when you are sitting, the spirit enters into a state of meditation as if you are in a valley. When you hear people talking, it is as though from far away, yet clearly understood; all sounds are like echoes in a valley. You definitely hear it, yet you are not the one who hears it. This is called the spirit in the valley; it can be experienced by oneself at any time.


The second sign is your eyes seem lighted in the midst of quiet, and everything around you turns incandescent. It’s like opening your eyes while you’re in a cloud – you don’t see your body any more. This is called the empty chamber producing (white) light. Inside and outside are permeated with luminosity. This is very auspicious sign.


The third experience is when in the state of quietness, the energy of the physical body becomes soft and pure like silk or jade. It feels as though you are floating upward. This is the spirit returning to heaven. Eventually, after a long time, you can ascend there.


These three experiences can be verified now, yet still it’s impossible to explain them thoroughly. Each person has their own particular verifications, according to their individual faculties and capacities. In the Buddhist text Stopping and Observing, this is called the emerging manifestations of good roots. Such things are like when people drink water, only themselves know how cool or warm it is. In the same way, once can only rely on oneself to see the truth in practice.


If you have experienced the primordial energy from you own practice, the elixir immediately crystallizes. This is a grain of real millet pearl. A grain, then another grain, they appear from vagueness to clarity. There is primordial energy manifested as a pill in every moment; there is also general primordial energy which extends from one pill to infinity. Each grain has each grain’s power. Above all, this requires a strong will and individual fortitude.