The Surangama Sutra: Chapter One – Section 2 – (5)

Or Perhaps the Mind Has No Specific Location?

Ānanda said to the Buddha, “I have heard the Buddha say that the mind which has awareness and makes distinctions is located neither inside nor outside, nor in the middle – it is located in none of the perceived places. So I am wondering maybe the mind has no specific location?”

The Buddha replied, “You say the mind is not located in a specific place. However, all things in the world – the air, the lands, the waters, and all creatures that fly over them or move on them or in them — in fact, everything existing in this world — they do have specific locations.”

“If the mind is located nowhere,” the Buddha continued, “then it is an absurdity — like a turtle with fur or a hare with horns. How could something that exists not have a specific location? Everything that exists has attributes. And everything that has attributes does have a location. Therefore, you should know that when you say the mind which knows and discerns has no specific location, you are stating what is impossible.”